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The Armenian Question

- Link to the Turkish Government Archives (in Turkish)

- Armenian Issues (in English) (Türkçe)


Supports the case against the Armenian Genocide Myth with mostly impartial evidence.


Provides a detailed account of the issue. Has extensive archive database.


Includes articles written by eminent historians on the issue. You can also reach a translation of Armenian Republic's first prime minister Hovhannes Katchaznouni's book "The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnagtzoutiun) has nothing to do any more" via this link.


Everything on Armenian Massacres in Anatolia, in Azerbaijan and Armenian Terror. Also includes links to relevant books and journals.


The web site of Institute for Armenian Research.


Provides a viewpoint supported by documents and facts.

The Azerbaijan Question

- Azeri Genocide


- Assembly of Turkish American Organizations (ATAA)
- Turkish American Association of California (TAAC)
- Turkish American Cultural Association of Florida (TACAF)
- Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan (TACAM)
- Sons of Ataturk
- Daughters of Ataturk
- TSK Mehmetcik Foundation