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Nov. 2nd, 2013 Panel and October 29th Turkish Republic Day Reception

This was a great event with 100+ attendees listening to our speakers.
TAAF President Haluk Ulubay opened the meeting and read the speakers’ bios.
Mr. Turker Erturk opened the panel and talked about how the existing Erdogan government and the Gulen movement are attacking the Republic’s (of Turkey) very foundation. He also mentioned that the US policy has always been to use local forces / followers to achieve its designs on Middle East and the current Turkish government is doing just that.
Mr. Gareth Jenkins made an excellent presentation on Ergenekon and Balyoz (sledgehammer) cases in Turkey and proved that they sham cases against people opposing the Erdogan government. Please review his presentation here to see the points he has made.
Mr. Yurter Ozcan explained why a representative office for the Republican People’s Party was needed (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, the main opposition party in Turkey) in the US and how the office was opened. He also talked about the future plans, including the party leader Mr. Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s visit to Washington D.C. at the end of November.
 Last, but not the least, Msr. Nilgun Ozer talked about her experiences in Turkey last summer. She had been in Taksim Gezi and visited Silivri prison where the Sledgehammer case trials were being held and she conveyed her experiences there – that how the judges [mis]treated the defendants and defense lawyers.

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