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Los Altos, CA; March 19, 2007- On Friday, March 16, 2007, representatives of the Turkish American community in San Francisco Bay Area visited House Speaker’s Nancy Pelosi’s district office in San Francisco. The twenty-person group met with the Deputy District Director and conveyed the deep concerns and frustration of our community about the House Resolution 106, which is a non-binding resolution for atrocities that took place almost one century ago in Eastern Anatolia during Ottoman Empire times. In the meeting letters with 200 individual signatures, a fact file, and various DVDs were presented to the Deputy Director. She said that these would be passed to Speaker Pelosi.

After the visit, the group demonstrated peacefully at the corner of the Federal Court Building, holding signs, chanting slogans, and passing out brochures to public.

The Turkish American community asserts that:
– The House Resolution H.RES.106 encourages hatred and discrimination that are cultivated by the Armenian Diaspora against Americans with Turkish heritage,
– The H.RES.106 reflects only Armenian side’s biased political views,
– While acknowledging massacres against Armenians at the time (and labeling them as genocide unfairly), it completely ignores the massacres against Turkish population,
– It tries to legislate a series of tragic events in history that must be judged by unbiased historians and scholars, and
– Dangerously risks historical Turco-Amerocan friendship when we need staunch allies like Turkey in Middle East more than ever.

This activity was sponsored by Turkish American Alliance for Fairness (TAAF). TAAF is a 501(c)4 public benefit organization dedicated to promote public understanding and fair treatment of issues of concern to Turkish-Americans, and to public education and other civil activities in related matters.
E-mail: taaf@taafnow.org
URL: http://www.taafnow.org

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