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Commemoration of slain diplomats and condemnation of terrorism

Los Altos, CA, January 27, 2002 – On Saturday, January 27, 1973, the consul general of Turkey in Los Angeles, Mehmet Baydar, and vice consul Bahadir Demir, were murdered in a treacherous attack by Gourgen M. Yanikian, an Armenian-American, who lured the unsuspecting diplomats to a friendly gathering in Santa Barbara. At that time these killings were met with disbelief and shock as reflected in the media. In the ensuing years, it urned out that this was simply the opening act of a series of Armenian terrorist attacks against Turkish targets across the world in general, and Turkish diplomats and their families in particular. The hundreds of attacks, resulting in the deaths of over 70 people and many more wounded, were committed under the guise of pressuring Turkey to accept allegations of an “Armenian genocide”. As a result of accompanying intense propaganda, over the years even many Americans came to believe that these murders were justified, while those of Turkish descent in the US and elsewhere were terrorized out of their civil rights.

We remember fondly the Turkish diplomats slain in the course of their duties by cowardly terrorists who know much about destruction, but not about humanity. We condemn all manners of terrorism no matter under what guise they are perpetrated, and all those who support and protect terrorists.

Turkish American Alliance for Fairness is a 501(c)4 public benefit organization dedicated to promote public understanding and fair treatment of issues of concern to Turkish-Americans, and to public education and other civil activities in related matters.

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