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About Us

Turkish American Alliance for Fairness (TAAF ) is a 501(c)4 non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to promote public understanding and fair treatment of issues of concern to Turkish-Americans, and to public education and other civil activities in related matters.

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What is TAAF’s Mission? Our Mission is to: • Promote, advocate, and advance issues and viewpoints of importance to Turkish-Americans, • Promote fairness in media, education, community affairs,government activities, and public opinion in regard to issues relating to Turkish-Americans, and to others with a Turkish heritage, • Counter incorrect, biased, and prejudiced statements and activities …

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Press Releases

Mar 16, 2007 Protest against House Resolution H.RES.106 January 16, 2002 Commemoration of slain diplomats and condemnation of terrorism April 16, 2001 ACR 22 and the State “Model” Curriculum for Human Rights and Genocide. March 12, 2001 Resolutions ACR22 and SJR 5 Are Wrong and Grossly Unfair to Turkish-Americans

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