Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day


May 19th, 1919, is the ending of the Ottoman Empire and beginning of the Turkish Republic, the war of independence. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk knew that winning the war of independence was only the beginning. Centuries of dictators and ignorance and backwardness had deeply clutching cultural roots, roots that strangled a peoples development. He knew that the dark-minded babblers of superstitious mumbojumbo did not vanish with the birth of the new republic. And he knew that they and their offspring would long outlive him. He foresaw literally all the dangers for the young nation. He knew its enemies completely.

19 May 1919 marks the first day of the ending of centuries of repression and dark-minded ignorance. It also marks the first day of the Turkish war of independence. Like a titan, the 38 year old Mustafa Kemal rose from the sea at Samsun and struck a mighty blow for freedom and national sovereignty. The day signifies the eventual nullification and rejection of hundreds of years of “sharia” governance. It is easy to understand why this holiday is unpopular with this present government that so fixedly stares backward at the “glories” of repressive Ottoman rule. Indeed a prime minister so in love with one book that he never mentions another, a head of government who espouses, caliph-like, that already impoverished families should have even more children (five is now the magic number). Surely this man who never smiles must despise this day, 19 May, a day that celebrates enlightenment, youthful energy, and the genius of a uniquely gifted man, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Mustafa Kemal knew of men like this. That’s why 19 May celebrates the vitality of youth. It shouts out loud that we are the vigorous heirs of a democratic, secular republic, one founded on the enlightened principles of scientific reasoning, not on religious incantations and stale thought. We are a vital, young-minded, open-minded force, brimming with energy. Like him, a man who swam in the same sea with the people at Florya, rowed boats, swung on swings, danced skillfully, a man who rode horses incomparably. When have you seen a politician do any of these things? His so-called advisors put this Turkish prime minister on a horse once. The result? An unforgettably embarrassing, dusty hard landing. Such antics are a measure of how the nation has fallen through the years.

Everything has changed utterly. Now, everything has been revealed. Mustafa Kemal warned of it years ago. The corruptions he spoke about— and Turkish youth have memorized—have all come to pass. Turkish youth has always been abused, beaten, jailed, tortured, hung, regardless of the ruling party. That’s why Mustafa Kemal left the protection of the nation not to the Turkish Army nor to the Turkish politicians but to the young nation’s youth, in his words, “the children of the Turkish future.” And that is why 19 May exists, the day he came from the sea to Samsun. He was 38 years old, already a military hero. He himself was the first child of the Turkish future. And thus began the long, brutal struggle for national independence. Ataturk later said that he had felt reborn on 19 May. It later became his official birthday, such was the measure of his devotion.

He knew that the new nation needed “an army of knowledge” more than an army. He knew that politicians could easily become “today’s men” betraying the public trust by pursuing power and wealth. That’s why he entrusted the new Turkish nation to people like him, young, vital, honest people uncontaminated by the old ways. He knew his friends too. Turkish youth, idealistic and open-minded, it does not run after benefits, he said. It seeks the good, the genuine, the true. He knew that the nation’s youth would be “tomorrow’s men” seeking the long-term mutual good over short-term convenience. Ataturk knew this and so much more. He had seen his young people die by the thousands for their country. He knew their courage, their collective strength of character, their devotion to their new country. And he knew that they and their children’s children would protect the great victory over the enemy of darkness, ignorance and submission. And he would protect his people, his youth, his sons and daughters, by giving to these same sons and daughters a profound responsibility: the guardianship of the democratic, secular Republic of Turkey. A grand, idealistic idea. Except the politicians and the military always intervened. They knew better, they said. And today we see what they knew.

19 May is a day that belongs to the youthful heirs of the secular revolution, not to the government. It is a celebration of their responsibility to protect the republic from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is a vitally important day. As Ataturk said at the Sivas Congress in September 1919: “Youth, all the hope and future of the fatherland depend on you, and the energy of the young generation. Our motto is one and unchangeable: Independence or Death!” 19 May is such a day, a day of remembrance and recommitment. It is a day for us all to be reborn.

And that is precisely why the government seeks to eliminate this vital day of celebration and reaffirmation. It has divided it (for now) into three separate celebrations hoping that such division will ultimately result in extermination. In January, it banned the nationwide use of stadiums for 19 May ceremonies claiming that it might be too cold for the children. Imagine it being too cold in May for the true heirs and defenders of the republic. Maybe the overweight, balding, grey-headed politicians will get chilled in May. Let them stay home and watch on television. Let these old men remember that Ataturk slept on a rock before the battle of Dumlupinar. Anyway, why should Turkish youth be confined to puny stadiums when they own the entire country? Such nonsense. But of course a holiday dedicated to the victory over the western imperialistic powers must prove embarrassing to today’s Turkey whose government and army aid and abet the very same western imperialistic powers in their oil-based wars under the false claim of advancing democracy. As Ataturk well knew, the deceit of imperialists knows no limit.
Like Ataturk, Turkish youth knows its enemy.

All this was foreseen. Recite again what you young people know so well, Ataturk’s Speech to the Turkish Youth.

“Those in power may be found in treachery and may even have united their own interests with the desires of the invaders.” So consider conditions today. Consider the politics of chaos and shock. Precious forests and rivers destroyed. Mountains exploded. Urban air reeking with auto emissions and coal smoke. Beaches and shorelines raped for tourist development. Labor unions bludgeoned to submission. Culture ignored. The arts abased. Artists abused. Dramatic theater collapsed. A brutal police force forever attacking the citizens with pepper gas, clubs, water cannons, and now electromagnetic ray weapons courtesy of America’s Raytheon Corporation; the USA is such a generous, freedom-loving country. The thoroughly disreputable Turkish judicial system where electronic eavesdropping, forgeries, secret witnesses, tampered evidence, and political meddling pollute the law. Consider further the rampant jailing of all opposed to this socio-political nightmare. The purge and collapse of the army, an army whose senior leadership confessed that it could no longer protect its troops, and then ran away. The de facto collapse of the so-called opposition party who ineptly and pathetically renders abject resistance, thus collaborating in the demise of the secular state, while maintaining their benefits going through the motions of employment for a fascist parliament.

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Emegin ve Dayanismanin Bayrami 1 MAYIS Kutlu olsun !

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23 Nisan gelmis neyime!


Son bir haftadir karsilikli bakisiyoruz bilgisayarimla.

23 Nisan yazisi yazacagim.

Icimden gelmiyor.

Kulagim Kutlu Dogum Haftasi ile ilgili haberlerde.

Hangi Ulusal Egemenlik, hangi Cocuk Bayrami diye dusunuyorum.

Halklarin kardesligi gibi sacma bir soylemle bolunen, bolunmeye calisilan halki mi, yoksa cocuk yasta evlendirilen, irzina gecilen, 3 tane yapilip Allah’a havale edilen cocuklari mi yazsam?

Diz boyu rusvet, skandal, rezillik, Islam Federe Devleti gidisatli bir saltanat’a ragmen, samanin bile ithal edildigi, ziraatin, hayvanciligin bittigi, avanta uzerine dayali bir system icerisinde %45’lik secmen kitlesini mi anlatsam bilemedim.

Her unutsuzluga kapildigimda Ataturk’u okurum ben.

Baktim Yilmaz Ozdil yazmis.

Bir solukta okudum.

Bunun uzerine yazi olmaz dedim.


Kaya Boztepe.

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Celebrating 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day


Young Miss and Misters!

You are all our future roses,stars and prosperity of light.

You will give light to our nation.

You should work as thinking how valuable and important you are.

We expect a lot from you.

(Mustafa Kemal Ataturk)


The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, dedicated April 23 to the children of the country to emphasize the fact that the children are the future of the new nation.

It was on April 23, 1920, during the War of Independence, that the Grand National Assembly met in Ankara and laid down the foundations of a new, independent, secular, and modern republic from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. Following the defeat of the Allied invasion forces on September 9, 1922, and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne on July 24, 1923,

Ataturk started his task of establishing the institutions of the new state. Over the next eight years, Ataturk and his followers adopted sweeping reforms to create a modern Turkey, divorced from its Ottoman past.

In unprecedented moves, he dedicated the sovereignty day to the children and entrusted in the hands of the youth the protection of this sovereignty and independence.

The importance of April 23 as a special day of children has been also recognized by the international community. UNICEF decided to recognize this important day as the International Children’s Day.

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23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı Amerikanın Birçok Eyalet ve Şehirde Tanınması ve Kutlama Bildiri alınması için Kampanya



23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı Amerikanın Birçok Eyalet ve Şehirde Tanınması ve Kutlama Bildiri alınması için Kampanyaya katılmayı unutmayın…… Hali hazırda New York dahil belli yerlerde bildiriler alınmakla beraber, online kampanya ile direkt yerel bölgedeki Resmi Temsilcilere bu talebi iletebilirsiniz
Not : Geçen sene New York Eyalet Senatosu, 2012 Yilindada New Jersey Eyalet Senatosu 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk bayramını resmen tanıdığını bildiren bir kurul kararı yayınlamışlardı.

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Sen de Oy ver

Yurtdisinda yasayan Turk vatandaslarin Oy kullanma haklarini Kullanmalarina tesvik edici calismalardan biri TAGP tarafindan yapiliyor.  Ozellikle San Francisco California bolgesinde yasiyorsaniz ve henuz yurtdisindaki konsolosluklardan oy kullanmak icin yapilmasi gereken islemleri bilmiyorsaniz bu etkinlige katilmanizi tavsiye ederiz .


Etkinlik detay icin asagidaki sayfaya gidiniz.

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URGENT ACTION !!!!!!!!!!

As the Turkish community in California and around the world we are strongly opposing bills and resolutions regarding the so-called Armenian Genocide
· AB 659
· AJR 1915
· AJR 35
· SJR 41
· SJR 21
· SB 1380
United States has ratified 1948, United Nation Convention and became law in the land. In order name any event Genocide should have international court ruling. Otherwise it is slandering. Every single court in US and Europe rejected Armenians claim.
What ever your personal feeling is on this issue, we urge you to comply with US Federal law. The so-called Armenian Genocide has no HISTORICAL OR LEGAL BASIS. For your personal and political gain you are slandering Turkish nation is ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL and IMMORAL.
Please take the necessary steps to stop slandering and propagating ancient hatred and passing it generation to generation. Instead we are urging you to build bridges promote peace.

That’s why I signed a petition to The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown, which says:

“The so-called Armenian Genocide has no historical or legal basis. It is politically motivated.
Slandering the Turkish nation for political gain is illegal, unethical and immoral. ”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



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Bu sonuca sasiran dostlarima sasiriyorum.
Aylar oncesinden yazdim yuzdeleri, hatta ben bile comert davranmisim biraz.
Vay hirsiz, arsiz, diktator, demokrasi dusmani, vatani boldu, anasini satti, babasini kesti, oylari caldi, tehdit etti, satin aldi…
Tamam hepsi cok guzel.
Biz zaten farkindayiz bunun.
Farkinda olmayan veya umurunda olmayan bir %55 var mi?

Pekiyi, neden?

Nasil %45 olabiliyor?
Karimi bile koynuna sokarim, kiskanmam diyen hastalikli ruhlu kemik bir secmeni var.
Her devirde olan bir yalaka gurubu, son derece etkili reklam ajanslari ve yandas medya var.
Inanilmaz bir devlet destegi, reklam, masraf ve butce var. Devletin makam araclari, ucaklari, helikopterleri, polis araclarindan belediye otobuslerine kadar sonsuz bir destek gucu var.
Karnini, ailesini doyurmaktan aciz, rusvetlerde ismi gecen rakamlarinin anlamini ruyasinda gorse anlayamayacak, yesil karta, aidat, makarna, nohut, komur ve onlardan gelen yardimlarla muhtac, bilincli kimselerce horlanan, asagilanan, kucumsenen bir guruh var. Elektirigi kacak kullananlarin sayisi aidat odeyenleri fazlasiyla gecmis durumda.
Varoslarin yuzde yuze yakin bolumu hazine arazisi ve buralarda yasayanlarin %60’i imarsiz kacak yapida oturuyorlar.
Omurleri boyunca ruyalarinda gorseler inanamayacaklari makamlara gelen, itibar sahibi oldugunu dusunen, islerini halledip gemisini yuzduren bir kalabalik var.
Ihalelerden inanilmaz paralar kazanan, bir anda karun olanlar var.
Bu insanlarin inancli olduguna inanan, inancli insanlarin kucumsendigini, laikligin din dusmanligi oldugunu, onlarin sayesinde itibar sahibi olduklarini dusunenler var.
Hile var, secim bolgelerini birlestiren, ayiran, menfaatlerine gore duzenleyen bir iktidar var.
Emir ve komuta zinciri icinde asker gibi calisan, halki analiz eden, bu sonuclara gore yon cizen strateji belirleyen bir orgut var.

Yine de hepsini toplasaniz %45 etmez.

O zaman gozden kacirdigimiz nedir?

Gozden kacan konulari bazi anket sonuclari acikliyor.
AKP’ye oy veren secmenlerin %30’u sunu soylemis: Baska oy verecek kim var?
Kim var gercekten?


Daha dogrusu Y-CHP.

CHP’de kim var?
Halktan izolesiniz, halkla bulusturalim sizleri, Ilimli Islam diye bir sey yok, Laik Cumhuriyet olarak ortak calisabilecegimiz projeleri anlatin diye Amerika’ya davet ettigimiz, onlarin da daveti kabul edip gelip ancak bizim yerimize Fethullah’in adamlariyla bulusan ve mavi boncuklar dagitan bir sozde genel baskan.
Gelir gelmez cemaat’le bulusan ve bize “elit kesim” lazim diyen bir gurup.
Baska kim var?
Kurt milliyetcileri.
Tek amaci hala Baykal’ci diye adlandirdiklari kisileri yok etmek, secimleri kaybetmek pahasina CHP adaylarinin aleyhine calisan bir dizi kendini bilmez.
Daha, daha?
Statukocu ve irkciliga dayali bir Ataturk’cu zihniyetinden uzak ortak halklarin birlikteligi filan diye konusma yapan es baskan Tanrikulu var.
Istanbul adayi?
Eh, nokta…
N’apmis Y-CHP?
Dusmanimin dusmani benim dostumdur demis gitmis Hoca’yi kucaklamis.
Kel’in merhemi olsa kafasina surermis.
Hoca’nin gucu iktidarin kilit noktalarina yerlesmis mevki, makam sahibi kisiler ve bu saadet zincirinden nasiplenen veya nasiplenmek isteyen bir avuc menfaatci.
CHP ne arastirmalari yapmis bunca senedir?
Gecen secimlerden bu yana durmadan calisarak cogunlugu AKP’nin elinden alan ve onlarin en kuvvetli olduklari yerde secim kazanan 3 CHP’li adayi tenzih ederim.
CHP nasil cozum onerileri uretmis?
Taksim olaylarinda kosede durup su dagitsa kahraman olabilecek bu akil adamlar n’apmis birileri soylesin bana.
Proje uretmisler mi? Halka gidip projelerini anlatmislar mi?
Hoca’nin tapelerini halka anlatmak disinda herhangi bir plan, proje, guven veren bir saglik, ekonomik, egitim konusu, samani bile ithal eden bu ulkede hayvancilik, ziraat, ne bileyim siz soyleyin herhangi bir konuda hic aklinizda kalan bir sey var mi?
Fenerbahce taraftarlari veya Besiktas CARSI gurubu kadar seslerini duyurabilmisler mi?
Efendim Izmir CHP kalesiymis.
Halt etmissiniz.
Sizler daha AKP’ye oy gitmesin diye hak etmediginiz halde sizi destekleyen sag duyu sahibi secmenleri bile dogru tespit etmekten acizsiniz.

CHP boyle.

Baska kim var?


Ne dedi Devlet Baba?
Secime kadar elestiri yapan vatan hainidir, zaman birlik zamani.

Tamam, secim bitti, simdi konusalim.
Kendi partisini indirip erken secimle AKP’yi iktidara tasiyan kim?
Devlet Baba.
Abdullah Gul’u destekleyerek Cumhurbaskani secen kim?
Aaa, yine Devlet Baba.
Suriye ve Iran icin tezkerede lehte oy kullanan?
Diktatorce, futursuzca, fasit bir yaklasimla zulm edenlerin karsisinda sanli bir durus gosteren Taksim direniscilerinin yaninda horon tutan, halay ceken Ulkucelere PKK muamelesi yapan kim?
Devlet Baba.
Birakin merkez sag oylarina sahip cikmayi, kendi tabanini bile AKP’ye peskes ceken kimdir Allah askina?
Me-Ha-Pee ve Devlet Baba.
Baba git otur artik, peskuvit mi yersin, baliga mi cikarsin, ne yaparsan yap.
Serefli, dogru bir ismin var, daha fazla zedelenmesin, soylerken bile uzuluyorum.
Nerede o anli, sanli Ulkucu Genclik?
Orgut nerede?
Eski ulkucelerin yerini almis turkuculer.
Paralel AKP…

Iyi de sonuc ne sonuc, n’apcaz kardesim?

Umarim CHP ve MHP silkinip ozune donebilir.

Bence sonuc daha dogrusu cozum yeni olusumdur.

Kim ne derse desin, ortaya cikacak bir merkez partinin basari potansiyeli cok daha yuksektir.

Iddia ediyorum.

Bilgili, gorgulu, saygili, konusan, dinleyen, dinletebilen, plan ve projelere deger veren, ekip calismasina inanan karizmatik bir lider, ne cok genc, ne cok yasli duzgun bir vitrin ve saglam bir organize ile bu mumkundur.

Denemesi bedava!


Kaya Boztepe.

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TAAF Yeni Yıl Mesajı


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Nov. 2nd, 2013 Panel and October 29th Turkish Republic Day Reception

This was a great event with 100+ attendees listening to our speakers.
TAAF President Haluk Ulubay opened the meeting and read the speakers’ bios.
Mr. Turker Erturk opened the panel and talked about how the existing Erdogan government and the Gulen movement are attacking the Republic’s (of Turkey) very foundation. He also mentioned that the US policy has always been to use local forces / followers to achieve its designs on Middle East and the current Turkish government is doing just that.
Mr. Gareth Jenkins made an excellent presentation on Ergenekon and Balyoz (sledgehammer) cases in Turkey and proved that they sham cases against people opposing the Erdogan government. Please review his presentation here to see the points he has made.
Mr. Yurter Ozcan explained why a representative office for the Republican People’s Party was needed (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, the main opposition party in Turkey) in the US and how the office was opened. He also talked about the future plans, including the party leader Mr. Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s visit to Washington D.C. at the end of November.
 Last, but not the least, Msr. Nilgun Ozer talked about her experiences in Turkey last summer. She had been in Taksim Gezi and visited Silivri prison where the Sledgehammer case trials were being held and she conveyed her experiences there – that how the judges [mis]treated the defendants and defense lawyers.

IMG_3900 IMG_3889 IMG_3886 IMG_3885 IMG_3880

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